Starting from scratch!

I am an amateur world builder, with everything that comes with it. (I wonder if there’s such a thing as a professional world builder?) Well, I just do it for fun. I love losing myself in maps and cultures. Coming up with history and mundane stories about the everyday life of my creations.

Worldbuilding, or conworlding , involves a lot of different things, which require some knowledge on a variety of subjects including, but not just, linguistics, geology,  geography, astronomy, physics, chemistry,  theology, mathematics, cuisine, religion, and all the cultural and social structures and the relations between any of the mentioned fields of study… Whatever exists already in the real world and is a subject of study, can be incorporated into your conworld. I started out back in 1987 (if I remember correctly) when I drew my first map on a regular piece of paper. A coastline and a bunch of islands, about 90 villages, a dozen monasteries, a couple of ruins.

At that time I had no notion of geology or geography, how the mountains were formed or the ways rivers should flow to the sea, how or why the populations get together or spread apart to form new cities, or so many other things that matter when you’re building your world. But, nevertheless, I had fun doing it! And that, my friends, is the most important part of the process. Having fun!

Have fun! 😉