After some weeks away from the web (or at least the productive part of it) I believe it’s time to get back to action and start doing some constructive work. It’s not easy to conciliate family, work, university and conlangs, yet I believe I’m not the only one doing this. So, I need to stop complaining and face the fact that I do this because I enjoy it 🙂

First thing to do is compile everything (about 100 *words and a couple of rules) and put it online. I’ll have it on by 18th of October or my name isn’t… what’s my name, again? Well, at least I’ll try.

Second, I’ll see if I can convince my nephew to test the language with me (K: If you read this send me an email)

*I probably meant roots, but that is still undetermined…

First Stone

I decided to start this weblog to keep a record of my own random thoughts and erratic actions, in order to maintain a steady pace in the development of my constructed language(s) or conlangs, as well as to be able to evaluate my progress in the strange and passionate endeavour that is the learning of how to build a site from scratch (including the design and html/xml). Only with the precious help of some guys of the Language Creation Society, especially David, Sai and Henrik, I was able to put this site (which includes this blog you’re reading now) up and running. Bless you guys for all the patience and time you spent answering my dumb questions and requests.

I’ll try to update it as often as possible but won’t promise a thing. Posts will be written in English or Portuguese (yes, I’m Portuguese) or any other language in which I can reasonably express myself.