After some weeks away from the web (or at least the productive part of it) I believe it’s time to get back to action and start doing some constructive work. It’s not easy to conciliate family, work, university and conlangs, yet I believe I’m not the only one doing this. So, I need to stop complaining and face the fact that I do this because I enjoy it 🙂

First thing to do is compile everything (about 100 *words and a couple of rules) and put it online. I’ll have it on by 18th of October or my name isn’t… what’s my name, again? Well, at least I’ll try.

Second, I’ll see if I can convince my nephew to test the language with me (K: If you read this send me an email)

*I probably meant roots, but that is still undetermined…

A family motto

Some time ago I was watching Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show”, the episode where he interviewed Michael Lewis, a non-fiction American author from New Orleans. The conversation was pleasant but I just laughed mao when, close to the end Michael Lewis said the Lewis Family Motto:

Do as little as possible, and that unwillingly, for is better to receive a slight reprimand than to perform an arduous task.

Just brilliant! I have no idea if this is really his family motto or if he just made that up for fun, but I had some good laughs.

Maybe if we spend less time performing “arduous tasks” and more time interacting with our closest friends and family, even if that meant receiving “a slight reprimand,” we would appreciate life a little better. It seems to me that I’m speaking directly to my own heart. Maybe, just maybe, I should replace the “we”s for “I”s…